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Veteran Benefits Request

Spring 2020 through Winter 2021

VA Benefits Only  

(Click on the tab above for instructions on using the Cal Vet College Fee Waiver. Do not submit waiver documents through this form.)

For the second section:

"Uploads" - only applies to students who are looking to start benefits at Cal Poly. If that does not apply to you, go ahead and submit the application.

1 Start 2 Uploads 3 Complete
ENSURE YOU CHECK ALL TERMS YOU PLAN TO USE BENEFITS, AS THIS WILL AFFECT VETERAN PRIORITY REGISTRATION, STUDENT ACCOUNTS OFFICE FEE PROCESSES, AND COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN OUR OFFICE AND YOURSELF. THANK YOU. (For the current term, indicate the amount of units you want certified [if requesting benefits for prior terms, indicate the amount of units for the prior terms as well]).
Do not use this form for Cal Vet College Fee Waiver submission.
I acknowledge it is my responsibility to report changes made to my enrolled units, major, concentration or approved technical electives, etc. , to the School Certifying Official. Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship awardees must email the VA at each month to confirm full or partial month attendance.

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