Student Veterans and Dependents Club

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Building 52, Room E4

(805) 756-6838

Staff offices: Bldg 52, Room E6

Kari Leslie - Lead Coordinator

Cal Vet Fee Waiver POC

VA School Certifying Official

(805) 756-7112

Steven Chandler

VA School Certifying Official

(805) 756-6025



  1. Help all military-connected Mustangs access available campus and community resources. 
  2. Provide well-trained, expert educational benefits professionals to assist students in navigating military benefits. 
  3. Help all military-connected Mustangs to succeed by building a supportive and connected community. 
  4. Help Cal Poly faculty and staff understand the unique needs of a student veteran or military dependent. 
  5. Provide all military-connected Mustangs with the tools they need to be Ready Day One. These include study space, tutoring, advising, and providing substantive career programming.
  6. Expand industry partnerships.
  7. Support the university goals of an inclusive and diverse campus through increased enrollment of military-connected students.
  8. Provide professional development opportunities.
  9. Increase available scholarships and grants for military-connected students. 



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