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How do I find scholarships?


Talk to Your high school counselor! Scholarship providers often send information to high school counselors and many high schools post scholarship opportunities/deadlines on a bulletin board or on their website. In addition, NSPA recommends the following scholarship search tools:


Should I pay for scholarship or financial aid information?


Students should never pay for scholarship or financial aid information. Services that ask for payment are often scams, and even if they are not, there are many free resources available.

Should I apply for nation-wide or local scholarships?


Local scholarships tend to have better odds for "winning" since you're usually competing against fewer students. $500 and $1,000 awards can add up so prioritize how much time you should spend on each application. For example, if a local foundation is awarding ten $1,000 scholarships and a big corporation is awarding one $10,000 scholarship, apply for both, but put more effort into the application for the local scholarship. Even though it's just $1,000, your chances of being selected are probably greater.

How many scholarships should I apply for?


Apply for as many scholarships as possible! It's a BIG job! It takes a lot of work, but that work usually pays off. In addition to national listing services like College Board , check with local organizations like Kiwanis, Soroptimist, Rotary or Lions Clubs, as well as with local foundations in your area (community foundations, private foundations, etc.). If you know what field of study you plan to pursue, find out whether any professional associations (local, state, or national) in your desired field offer scholarships.


Do colleges have appeal processes if I still can’t afford college after I receive the details regarding my financial aid package?


Yes, most colleges have an appeal process which might lead to a few more dollars towards your college expenses. If you've received your financial aid package, including any private scholarships you've been awarded, and the amount you still owe is more than your family can realistically afford, ask the college you hope to attend about options to appeal. Additional support is not guaranteed and we don't recommend taking advantage of this process if you don't actually need additional funding.

When should I fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?


Students who apply for financial aid during the first three months of the FAFSA submission period (beginning October 1) tend to receive twice as much grant (free) money on average as students who apply later in the financial aid application process. Apply early to get first in line for funding opportunities from the school and the state. Many colleges have priority deadlines for filing the FAFSA, so be sure you meet those dates to receive the most funding possible. If you don't submit the FAFSA by a school’s priority deadline date, you may not be eligible for any aid from the federal government given through that college. Many scholarship providers ask for your FAFSA information as well. If you have questions about the FAFSA, contact your high school counselor(s) or the financial aid office at the college you are considering.

What is award displacement and how can I prevent that from happening to me?


Award displacement occurs when one form of financial aid, such as an outside scholarship, results in a reduction in other forms of financial aid. Click here for more information and suggestions for how to mitigate displacement.

How can I learn more about financial aid?


We’ve collected the following resources to help you better understand financial aid and the role it plays in helping you pay for college.

Are scholarships tax free?


Usually. But not always. In order for a scholarship to be tax-free, the student receiving the scholarship must be a degree candidate at an eligible institution. In addition, the money must be used for qualified expenses, such as tuition and fees, books, supplies and equipment. If the scholarship is used for non-qualified expenses, it could be taxed. Non-qualified expenses include room and board, travel, food and other living expenses. A scholarship may also be considered taxable income if the student is not a degree candidate or if it is paid as wages. For more information about this and to see if your scholarship could be taxed visit:

Cal Poly Veterans Computer Science Scholarship

Recipients of the Veterans Computer Science Scholarship shall be chosen in accordance with University policy.  The scholarship shall be open to all eligible applicants, subject to the following criteria:
  • Major, in decreasing preference order: 1, Computer Science; 2, Computer Engineering; and 3. Electrical Engineering
  • Students must be veterans who were honorably discharged from any branch of the US armed forces
  • Preference for first-generation college students
  • Should the law ever change, preference would be given to female veterans

Fallen Patriots

Provides undergraduate college scholarships to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty or due to service connection. Eligible students must be enrolled or preparing to enroll in an accredited college/university, trade, or vocational program resulting in an associate’s/bachelor’s degree, license, or certificate. This includes:  High school Juniors and Seniors applying to college  Enrolled college students  College graduates with undergraduate student loans A minimum 2.0 GPA for the previous term is required for students to be eligible for scholarship assistance. TYPES OF SCHOLARSHIPS High School Juniors & Seniors Applying to College:  Pre-College Expense Stipend ($500 to assist with SAT/ACT exams, prep courses, college applications, and transcript fees) Enrolled College Students:  Tuition & Fees (including study abroad programs, internships, and summer enrollment)  Books & Supplies  Living Expense Stipend ($2,150 per semester to assist with off-campus housing costs and daily expenses)  Computer stipend ($1,650 one-time scholarship) College Graduates (Undergraduate Programs Only):  Student loans  Out of pocket tuition reimbursements  Computer stipend ($1,650 one-time scholarship) HOW TO APPLY To apply, please email the following documents in PDF format to 1. DD1300 (Military Casualty Report with child’s name listed under Section 7/ “Interested Persons”)  If N/A please send all of the following: Service Member’s Death Certificate, DD214, child’s birth certificate or photocopy of military ID 2. VA Certificate of Eligibility (DIC /CH.35 DEA/ CH.33 Fry) 3. Current College Transcript (for High Schoolers - HS Transcript) 4. College Class Schedule (enrolled college students only) 5. Itemized Tuition Statement or other documented need 6. Completed Student Verification Form (Available HERE) Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. We will begin processing your scholarship request in the order it was received. If additional information is needed, a member of our team will contact you. Scholarships take approximately 4-6 weeks to process from receipt of all required documentation. For questions or additional information, please email or call 866-917-2373 to speak with a Scholarship Administrator.

Richard K. Leffingwell Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Have a course of study within the fields of business, economics or other disciplines that will serve the applicant in achieving goals relating to nonprofit or public service.
  • Have demonstrated an interest in and aspire to a career in nonprofit or public service.
  • Demonstrate a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale and be in good academic standing.
  • Demonstrate financial need as determined by the campus Financial Aid office.
  • Be currently enrolled as a full-time equivalent upper division or graduate student at a California State University campus and must remain a full-time equivalent student during the scholarship period.
  • All students meeting the above requirements are encouraged to apply. A student who is a military veteran, meets the criteria, and is otherwise equal to others in qualifications, will receive favorable consideration.

This scholarship reflects Mr. Leffingwell’s admiration for the university’s commitment to provide opportunities to foster the next generation of students who wish to be instrumental in serving the public.

After graduating with a bachelor’s of science degree from CSU Northridge, and serving as an officer in the US Army, Richard Leffingwell joined the CSU Office of the Chancellor as a member of the trustees’ audit staff. He directed the CSU’s self-supporting financing activities, and later became the director of financing and treasury. Richard worked with trustees, campuses, and the municipal financing community to establish viable systems for financing non-state projects at the 23 CSU campuses before retiring in 2004.

Application deadline: April 8, 2024

Award amount: Two (2) $3,500 scholarships will be awarded for the academic year.

How to apply: The Financial Aid Office will review applicants to ensure they meet all stated requirements. The campus may submit two (2) applicants for consideration to the CSU Foundation to make the final selection.

Completed applications submitted by the campus Financial Aid Office to the CSU Foundation must include the following:

  • A personal statement (300 word count for each):
        1. What experience has impacted your personal growth?
        2. Tell us about a time you failed. What did you learn from that experience?
        3. Why are you pursuing your major? How does it relate to your career aspirations?
        4. Provide an example of service beyond the classroom (i.e., have you taken on significant family obligations, helped other in a specific way, been involved in political action, worked/volunteered/interned at a particular organization, etc.). Why is this example significant to you?
  • Supplemental Question (300 word count):
      1. What are you motivations and goals for a career in nonprofit or public service? What are your experiences or involvement to date in nonprofit or public service activities?

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 

Each year, DAV honors volunteers who demonstrate outstanding dedication and service to America’s veterans.

Volunteer service is at the heart of the DAV mission of helping empower more veterans to lead high-quality and fulfilling lives. From volunteering at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers to assisting veterans in their local communities, DAV volunteers make a real difference in the lives of veterans. DAV offers $110,000 in scholarships annually to be used toward any accredited institution of higher learning, including universities, colleges, community colleges and vocational schools.


This college scholarship is open to volunteers age 21 or younger who have contributed a minimum of 100 hours credited through DAV or DAV Auxiliary. Students may apply with the inclusion of an essay on what volunteering for veterans means for them. Anyone can nominate a worthy candidate including the student/applicant.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Scholarships can be awarded to any volunteer who is age 21 or younger and has volunteered for a minimum of 100 hours through DAV or DAV Auxiliary.
  • Scholarships can be used at any accredited institution of higher learning; to include universities, colleges, community colleges, vocational schools, etc.
  • Scholarships must be utilized in full prior to the recipient attaining the age of 25, or within 6 years of receiving the scholarship, whichever is later.
  • Nominations for this award may be submitted by the applicant, Voluntary Service Program Managers at VA medical centers, members of DAV departments and chapters, or friends and family.


Need More Volunteer Hours?

Volunteer hours can be accumulated at a VA medical center, and/or the Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP). Hours must be credited to Disabled American Veterans.  Find volunteer opportunities below.


If you need additional information please email us at


AMVETS is proud to offer many different scholarships/grants to our nation’s Veterans, Active Duty, Guard and Reserves; their Spouses as well as their Children and Grandchildren.  

AMVETS scholarships are designed to fulfill a financial gap after all Federal/State grants and/or scholarships available to an eligible applicant have been exhausted.

AM VETS of California

All California veterans are encouraged to apply for the AMVETS Department of California 2023 Scholarship allowing $500 applicable to tuition fees. Applications are due in February each year — to receive the application or for more information email

Children of Fallen Patriots 

Our mission is to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

  • We are dedicated to serving the families of servicemembers from all branches of the armed forces who have died as a result of combat casualties, military training accidents, service-related illnesses, suicide, as well as other duty-related deaths as ruled by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The vision of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is to ensure that every child of a fallen patriot receives all necessary college funding.

  • We believe a college education is the single most important gift we can give these children.

  • We believe this is an important investment in the future of America.

  • We believe this is one of the best ways we can honor those who died defending our country.

  • Click here for more information

Welcome Home Military Veterans Scholarship

The $2500 scholarship (actually two!) that we will be granting to a military veteran who has returned to school to further their education.  The application is on the website at
Please reach out to us if you have any questions.  Deadline is August 31st, and the winners will be announced on  Patriot Day, Sept. 11th. 

The Pat Tillman Foundation Scholarship


The Pat Tillman Foundation will be hosting an applicant information webinar next Tuesday, November 21st from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Central Time. If you can please share this opportunity with your eligible military veteran, active duty, and spouse students, or join yourself to learn more about the Pat Tillman Foundation and the Tillman Scholar opportunity. Please share this registration link with your networks.  

The Pat Tillman Foundation unites and empowers remarkable military veterans and spouses as the next generation of private and public sector leaders committed to service beyond self. The Tillman Scholar program supports Tillman Scholars with academic scholarships, a national network, and professional development opportunities in all different fields. Since its inception, the foundation has invested more than $34 million dollars to more than 850 Tillman Scholars attending +166 universities and colleges across the country. 

The Tillman Scholar Program has evolved into a world-class community accepting ~3.5 percent of applicants based exclusively on merit and potential for impact. The application is open to military service members, veterans, and spouses pursuing a full-time bachelor's, master’s, or professional degree at a US-based accredited institution. This social press kit has suggested social media messaging and additional applicant resources to easily share the Tillman Scholar opportunity with your network.  Additionally, you will find this one-page overview which outlines eligibility and benefits for the Tillman Scholars program. 

The application will remain open until 11:59 p.m. PST on February 1st. 

Again, please share this link with anyone you think would make a great candidate. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the Tillman Scholar Program or the Pat Tillman Foundation. Military Scholarship 

Each scholarship is $1,000 and will be awarded to a few students pursuing a degree in logistics, supply chain management, engineering, business, or a similar field that could lead to a career related to logistics. 

I hope military students could find this helpful and would appreciate it if you would consider including it in your list of scholarships. The application form and additional details can be found here:

Student Veterans of America

General Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Honorable Discharge (including honorable under general conditions). 

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA (Proof of Transcript Required) 

  • Planned enrollment at a 4-Year University for the full 2023/2024 Academic Year 

  • Have already completed at least 1 full year of College/University (Unofficial Transcript required). 


** See SVA’s Scholarship Page for most up to date eligibility/application requirements including award specific requirements at 

Schweiger Memorial Scholarship (Construction)


Click Here to apply

The Schweiger Memorial Scholarship aims to advance the education and career goals of College UndergraduatesApprentices (Trade School), & Military Veterans in the construction industry. Past scholarship recipients have been awarded up to $10,000.  Click the links below to learn more about the Schweiger Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Other Scholarships

Raytheon Technologies Patriot Scholarship 
Application open: 10/11/22 – 1/31/23

Student Veterans of America and Raytheon Technologies have partnered to provide two (2) $10,000 scholarships to student veterans demonstrating a commitment to and passion for their chosen field of study, as well as demonstrated leadership and engagement within their community. The Patriot Scholarship is offered exclusively to U.S. Army veterans, and is named after RMD’s Patriot Air and Missile Defense System. 

Raytheon Technologies SPY-6 Scholarship 
Application open: 1/5/23 – 4/7/23 

The Raytheon Technologies SPY-6 Scholarship, named for the U.S. Navy’s SPY-6 Family of Radars, provides returning sailors an opportunity to achieve educational goals and position themselves for success in civilian professions. Two $10,000 scholarships will be awarded to sailors who pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited university and demonstrate leadership in their local community. 

Comcast NBCUniversal Scholarship 
Application open: 1/5/23 – 4/7/23 

The Comcast NBCUniversal-SVA Scholarship will support two student veterans in any major with an interest in the entertainment industry with a $12,000 scholarship each. 

Google Scholarship 
Application open: 3/31/23 – 4/30/23 

As part of Google’s commitment to military veterans, the company partners with SVA each year to fund scholarships. The scholarship provides assistance to student veterans who are pursuing university degrees in the field of computer science in the U.S. Selected students will receive $10,000 for the upcoming school year. 

John Edelman Scholar:  
Application open: 1/5/23 – 3/5/23 

John Edelman is committed to supporting education that promotes improved mental health to veterans and service-members.  He has committed to providing (2) $10,000 scholarships for high-performing student veterans pursuing degrees/careers in mental health counseling, and through the John Edelman Scholars program, to reward achievement and encourage further study.  


At, we aspire to make education accessible to everyone, and that means supporting all members of our community, including active duty service members, veterans, and their families. With this in mind and in honor of Military Appreciation Month, we have also developed a $500 scholarship for military children! Students can apply now through July 1st. 

A variety of scholarships are available to veterans and their spouses and families.

Academic Top Scholars (ATS) – Accessible to all dependent children, age 24 and under, and all spouses of Active-Duty U.S. military Service Members are eligible to apply for scholarships with ThanksUSA

AFCEA Educational Fund – Provides $2,000 to students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree while employed in the science or technology disciplines directly related to the mission of AFCEA.

Air Force Aid Society General George S. Brown Spouse Tuition Assistance Program (STAP) – Administered by the Air Force Aid Society that provides tuition assistance to the spouses of active-duty U.S. Air Force service members residing overseas.

Air Force Aid Society General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program – Provides $2,000 grants to selected sons and daughters of active duty, Title 10 AGR/Reserve, Title 32 AGR performing full-time active duty, retired, retired reserve and deceased Air Force members; spouses (stateside) of active duty members and Title 10 AGR/Reservists; and surviving spouses of deceased personnel for their undergraduate studies.

American Legion Auxiliary Department Scholarship – Applicant must be sponsored by an Auxiliary Unit, be the child of an honorably discharged Veteran, be a Florida resident, and attend school in Florida.

American Legion Legacy Scholarship – Available for children or legally adopted children of active duty U.S. military and Guard, and Reserve personnel who were federalized and died on active duty on or after September 11, 2001.

American Legion Scholarship – American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students. Available to current dues paying (for past two years) member of the American Legion, Auxiliary, or Sons of The American Legion who is a student who has had at least one year of college and is in need of financial assistance to pursue an undergraduate degree.

America’s Child – Higher Education Assistance – – Established to provide college education and welfare assistance to the surviving children of military heroes who have already given their lives in patriotic service to their country fighting our nation’s war against terrorism as part of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and the Philippines, Operation Iraqi Freedom or future conflicts.

AMVETS – Dr. Aurelio M. Caccomo Family Foundation Memorial Scholarship – Awarded to Veterans, including members of the National Guard and Reserves, who are seeking new skills in order to be competitive in the job market.

AMVETS National Scholarship Program – Available to financially assist Veterans who have exhausted government aid, or who might not otherwise have the financial means to continue their education.

AMVETS Scholarships – Annually awards scholarships to Veterans/active military, their sons, daughters or grandchildren. A son, daughter or grandchild of a deceased Veteran is also eligible.

Ankin Law Office Scholarship for Military Veterans– Scholarships of $1,000 each are offered to Military Veterans or immediate family members and Disabled Veterans. These scholarships differ from most others as the veteran can choose between trade/vocational schools, 2 year or 4 year universities.

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Scholarship – Scholarships of $2,500 each are offered to active-duty and honorably discharged U.S. Military Veterans (to include Reservists and National Guard personnel) of the Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom operations. Candidates must be majoring in certain fields of study – see application for details.

Armed Forces Crossroads Scholarships for Military Children – – Offered to college-bound military children at installations served by a commissary. Open to qualified sons and daughters of U.S. military ID card holders to include active duty members, Reserve and Guard members, and retirees.

Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) Scholarships – – For college-level education of members of the AAAA, and the spouses, unmarried siblings, unmarried children and unmarried grandchildren of current and deceased AAAA members.

Army Emergency Relief: Dependent Children Scholarship Program – The MG James Ursano Scholarship program is for dependent children of Service Members on federal active duty, retired, or deceased while in active or retired status.

Army Emergency Relief: Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program – To provide spouses of active duty and retired Service Members and widows(ers) of Service Members who died either on active duty or in a retired status, and residing in the U.S. with need-based financial assistance in pursuing educational goals.

Army Scholarship Foundation – – One-year financial scholarships awarded on the basis of academic record and participation in school and community activities

Army Women’s Foundation – The Army Women’s Foundation recognizes the importance of education and the role it plays in personal, professional and economic fulfillment. The Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship Program provides grants to women soldiers, past and present, and their lineal descendants to help them attain their educational goals. The Legacy Scholarship Program offers financial support in four areas: Certificate programs, Community College coursework, Undergraduate Degrees, and Graduate Degrees. Scholarships are awarded only for coursework from accredited institutions. Scholarships are based on merit, academic potential, community service, letters of recommendation, and need. Community College and Certificate Program Legacy Scholarships will be awarded up to $1,000. College, University, and Graduate Program Legacy Scholarships will be awarded up to $2,500.

BLIND VETERANS ASSOCIATION'S GRUBER SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM - For children/spouses of legally blind veterans
Must be a dependent child of a member or deceased member of the U.S Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Association/Coast Guard Enlisted Association (USCG CPOA/CGEA). Applicant must be under the age of 24 by March of the award year

Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund – – For qualified family members of Chief Petty Officers including spouses and children (natural born, adopted or stepchildren).

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation – – Providing college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in combat or accidents. Our vision is that every such child can have a debt-free college education.

Coast Guard Exchange System Scholarship Program – -Scholarships to students who are dependents of Coast Guard active duty, reserve, and military retired members, current civilian NAF and APF employees, and current Coast Guard Auxiliarists that meet eligibility requirements.

Collects and disburses donations in support of Service Members and their Families in need, including assistance with airfare, special medical attention, college tuition for the children of Service Members and more.

Colonel Christie Marine Corps Scholarship – Monthly stipend given to a former enlisted Marine leaving the Marine Corps to attend a four-year institution. This award recognizes a Marine who has demonstrated exceptional courage and integrity in the face of great obstacles.

Dolphin Scholarship Foundation – grants are available, on a competitive basis, to high school or college children/stepchildren (unmarried, under age 24 at time of deadline) of: (1) members or former members of the Submarine Force who have qualified in submarines and have served in the Submarine Force for at least eight years; or of (2) Navy members who have served in submarine support activities (e.g., submarine bases, tenders, and rescue vessels) for a minimum of ten years.

Fallen Warrior Scholarship Fund – Established to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to U.S. military Family members of our Fallen Warriors in their pursuit of higher education.

Fisher House Foundation Scholarship Programs – – Open to sons and daughters of active duty, reserve/guard, or retired military commissary customers.

Folds of Honor Foundation (FHF) provides post-secondary educational scholarships to the spouses and children of Service Members disabled or killed as a result of their military service to our great nation. Can be applied to schooling now or held by Folds of Honor on behalf of young children until needed at the time of enrollment.

FRATERNAL ORDER UDT/SEAL EDUCATION GRANT - Sons/daughters of regular members in good standing

Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund – Students are eligible if they are the dependent child of an active duty Service Member who was killed or permanently disabled (100%) rating as the result of an operational mission or training accident, or who is currently certified as POW or MIA.


Gamewardens of Vietnam Association Scholarship Fund - Gamewardens Ass. Vietnam to Present has three regular annual $2000 scholarships: 1. The Gamewardens Scholarship, 2. The Gamewardens YNC John Williams Scholarship, 3. The Gamewardens River Section 532 - EN3 Ron Nester Scholarship. Other scholarships may also be offered as a onetime event or over several years
through special donations. Most donations are made to the general scholarship fund in small donations. If anyone wishes to donate for a special scholarship it should be in
line with our regular scholarships. Requirements: You need assistance with college expenses, Son, daughter, grandchild, or greatgrandchild of a member of Gamewardens. Deadline for submissions is July 15th of the current year.

Heroes’ Legacy Scholarships – Open to dependent unmarried children under age 23 of those who have died or have become disabled through their active military service on or after September 11, 2001.

Hope for the Warriors – The Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship program identifies, recognizes, and rewards spouses/caregivers for their strength, fidelity, and resolve despite adversity. Scholarships aid in continued education at a reputable, accredited university, college, or trade school for spouses/caregivers as they assume critical roles in the financial well being of their Families.

Horatio Alger Military Veterans Scholarship – – Awarded to Veterans who have served under the United States Military Operation in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan or Operation Iraqi Freedom beginning Sept. 11, 2001 or later.

Huebner Scholarships Competitive scholarships for children and grandchildren of former members of the Division as well as children of active-duty 1st Infantry Division Service Members.

Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant -A student who is not eligible for a Pell Grant but whose parent or guardian was a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and died as a result of service performed in Iraq or Afghanistan after September 11, 2001 may be eligible to receive the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant. Enrolled in college at least part-time at the time of the parent’s or guardian’s death.

JOANNE HOLBROOK PATTON MILITARY SPOUSE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – Administered by the National Military Family Association (NMFA). Fisher House Foundation contributes $100,000 to the NMFA in order to expand the number of scholarship grants awarded each year

John A. Keller Scholarship Available to dependents of members in good standing of the Chief Warrant Officers Association. Additional Information .

Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association – Helping deserving students reach their educational and professional goals for decades, presenting annual awards of up to $5,000 to individuals pursuing college and graduate degrees. Awarded to the female candidate chosen from daughters to granddaughters of Naval, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel, active Fleet Reserve and Fleet Marine Corps Reserve and Coast Guard Reserve, retired with pay, or deceased

Major General James Ursano Scholarship Program for Army Children - Based on applicants' financial needs to assist children of soldiers in obtaining their first undergraduate degree. Applicants may receive assistance for up to four academic years but must reapply each year

Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation, Inc. – – Assistance primarily rendered to children of Marines or Federal law enforcement personnel who were killed on duty or died under extraordinary circumstances while serving our country at home or abroad. These funds enable us to provide these children with scholarships for their higher education. When a child of a United States Marine is afflicted with a physical or mental disability and requires special medical equipment or tutoring, our Foundation may grant financial assistance to that Family if their personal insurance does not cover the complete cost of treatment for this child.

Marine Corps League – Scholarship Program – – Over three hundred scholarship grants are given annually to applicants. The foundation has started a blocked scholarship fund to build a trust to assist in the funding of its regular scholarship program. Scholarships are applied for and awarded by the Marine Corps League Scholarship Committee using applications and standards developed by that committee.

Military Officers Association of America Scholarships and Grants – Visit the MOAA Scholarships and Grants site for information on a variety of different scholarships, grants and interest-free loans.

Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship – Available to the recipient of a Purple Heart; a direct descendant of a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart or of a Veteran killed in action or who died of wounds; or a spouse or widow(er) of a recipient of the Purple Heart.

Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) – : – Provides up to $4,000 (over 2 years) of Financial Assistance for military spouses who are pursuing degree programs, licenses or credentials leading to employment in portable career fields.

Military Spouse Fellowship Program for Financial Counseling –– FINRA Investor Education Foundation’s 2010 Military Spouse Fellowship gives spouses the training they need to earn the Accredited Financial Counselor® (AFC®) designation, which gives them marketable job skills and provides them with the knowledge and tools they need to help military Families overcome financial challenges.

Mrs. Patty Shinseki Spouse Scholarship Program is a need-based scholarship program established to assist Army spouses in obtaining an undergraduate degree or similar professional certification. The program was named after Mrs. Shinseki in December 2019. Applicants may receive assistance for up to four academic years of full-time study or eight academic years of part-time study. Applicants must re-apply each year. Spouses may apply year-round.

National Guard Educational Foundation (NGEF) – NGEF, DRS Technologies Create College Scholarship For Children of Fallen National Guardsmen: The National Guard Educational Foundation (NGEF) created a college scholarship fund for the children of more than 650 National Guardsmen killed in the war on terrorism. DRS Technologies, Inc. of Parsippany, N.J., will provide up to $6,250 per year to selected students attending a four-year institution or a two-year program at a community college or technical school.

“The DRS Guardian Scholarship Fund is open to any high school or college student who is a son or daughter of a Guardsman killed in an operational or training mission in support of operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom or New Dawn.

National Military Family Association (MNMFA) Military Spouse Scholardhip Program – NMFA Awarded only to military ID-carrying Uniformed Services’ spouses (active duty, retiree, Reserve, National Guard, and/or survivor

National Military Family Association Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program – Awarded to spouses of Uniformed Services members (active duty, National Guard and Reserve, retirees, and survivors) to obtain professional certification or to attend post secondary or graduate school.

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) - Each year the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) awards multiple scholarships to students showing dedication to the pursuit of higher education in diverse areas of study including history, economics, law, political science, medicine, nursing, occupational and physical therapy, elementary and secondary education, chemistry, math, science and English. 

Navy League of the United States – Currently, the Navy League Foundation has a total of 25 endowed scholarships. Navy League Councils across the United States provide additional scholarships to students and Sea Cadets in their cities and regions.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Education Programs – NBCC Foundation – The NBCC Foundation Military Scholarship Program is designed to encourage Service Members and Veterans to pursue careers in professional counseling. The program provides financial support to students who enroll, or seek to enroll, in a CACREP accredited counseling program during or after military service, and who commit to serving military personnel.

Scholarship Program was established in 1986 to help members and their immediate Families gain post-secondary education from accredited colleges and universities across America. Since the program’s inception, the organization has funded $319,000 in scholarship awards.

Patriot Scholarship–This 10% tuition scholarship is for students enrolling in a new program of study at Divine Mercy University who are eligible veterans, active duty military, reservists, retired military, and/or spouse/dependents of the same.

Patriot Legacy Fund – provides post-secondary educational scholarships for the dependent children of service-disabled veterans. Scholarships are awarded in the amounts of $2,500 and $5,000 to eligible applicants.

Pat Tillman Foundation – Individuals eligible for the Leadership Through Action – Tillman Military Scholars program include Veterans and active Service Members of both pre- and post- 9/11 service; Service Members who wish to start, finish, or further their education; Service Members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Reserve); Service Members pursuing undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, two-year, four-year, public, private, vocational, and trade degrees or certifications; and dependents of Service Members (children and spouses).

Posse Veterans Program – A national college access and leadership program for post-9/11 GI Bill-eligible veterans. Selected Posse Veterans Scholars attend top-tier, selective US colleges/universities in teams of 10 and are guaranteed four years of full tuition funding after GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon benefits are applied. Posse Veterans Scholars have access to top internships, career coaches, a diverse professional network, and comprehensive training for leadership positions in the workforce. Current college/university partners: Vassar College (NY), Wesleyan University (CT), the University of Virginia (VA), and the University of Chicago (IL).

Ranger Memorial Foundation Scholarship Fund – The National Ranger Memorial Foundation, Inc. serves U.S. Army Rangers of all eras through recognition in a granite monument, display of Hall of Fame members, scholarships to deserving individuals, and assisting Ranger Families

Reserve Aid – – – 972-383-8080 – Committed to providing financial support to the Families of Reserve Service Members from all services, who have been called to active duty and are experiencing financial difficulty.

Retired Enlisted Association – The Retired Enlisted Association’s (TREA) National Scholarship program. TREA members are proud to be able to offer these scholarships to our Nations high school student. The program is open to any high school student.

Rosewood Family Scholarship – Applicant must be a direct descendant of Rosewood Families affected by the incidents of January 1924. Initial Student Florida Financial Aid Application is required for verification. Applicant must not owe a repayment or be in default under any state or federal grant, loan, or scholarship program unless satisfactory arrangements to repay have been made. Tuition and fees up to $4,000.

Scholarship awards are $5,000 to be made co-payable to the scholarship recipient’s institution for payment of tuition, books and supplies and may be reapplied for up to four years for a maximum of $20,000. The application process is the same for new applicants and renewals.

Scholarships for Children and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans and Service Members – The Scholarships for Children and Spouses of Deceased or Disabled Veterans and Service Members (CSDDV) provides scholarships for dependent children or un-remarried spouses of Florida Veterans or Service Members who died as a result of service-connected injuries, diseases, or disabilities sustained while on active duty or who have been certified by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs as having service connected 100% permanent and total disabilities. CSDDV also provides funds for dependent children whose parent is classified as a prisoner of war or missing in action by the Armed Forces of the United States or as civilian personnel captured while serving with the consent or authorization of the United States Government during wartime service. CSDDV provides funding for tuition and registration fees at an eligible postsecondary institution or the equivalent at an eligible private postsecondary institution in Florida.

Scholarships for Military Children – The Scholarships for Military Children Program was created to recognize the contributions of military Families to the readiness of the fighting force and to celebrate the role of the commissary in the military Family community. If your mother or father is active duty, reserve/guard, or retired military personnel or you are the survivor of a deceased member, and you have a military dependent I.D. card you can apply!.

Selby Scholarship – Applicant must be a resident of DeSoto, Manatee, or Sarasota County in Florida, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and be eligible for financial aid.

Society of the Daughters of the United States Army (DUSA) – – Academic scholarships for college education.

Society of the First Infantry Division – – – for children of Service Members killed in combat or training accidents while serving in a unit assigned or attached to the 1st Infantry Division and authorized to wear the 1st Infantry Division patch.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation College Scholarship – – the scholarship program process starts in the 10thgrade.

Spouse Tuition Assistance Program (STAP) – – partial tuition assistance for spouses of Active Duty airmen or officers, who accompany members to overseas locations and wi be attending college programs. The focus of the program is on the completion of degree or certificate programs that provide increased occupational opportunities for spouses.

Tailhook Education Foundation – – must be a high school graduate and the natural, step, or adopted son, daughter or grandchild of a current or former Naval Aviator, Naval Flight Officer, or Naval Aircrewman. Also eligible are individuals or children of individuals who are serving or have served on board a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier in ship’s company or the air wing.

That Others May Live Scholarships – – scholarships, Family counseling, and aid to surviving children of United States Air Force (USAF) Rescue Heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice during a Rescue mission, training, or other Personnel Recovery (PR) collateral mission.

The AFCEA War Veterans Scholarships are offered to active-duty and honorably discharged U.S. military Veterans (to include Reservists and National Guard personnel) of the Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) or Iraqi Freedom Operations. Candidates must be currently enrolled and attending either a two-year or four-year accredited college or university in the United States. Candidates must be majoring in the following or related fields: electrical, aerospace, systems or computer engineering, computer engineering technology, computer information systems, information systems management, computer science, physics, mathematics, or science or mathematics education.

The Bonsai Finance Veteran’s Scholarship The scholarship celebrates veteran and dependent students who strive for excellence in their lives and provides a one-time payment of $2,500 for current or future education costs. For details visit,

The Women’s Army Corps Veterans Association Scholarship Established to recognize relatives of Army Service Women. This scholarship is based upon academic achievement and leadership as expressed through co-curricular activities and community involvement.

The Fund for Veterans Education – To help meet the cost associated with higher education for Veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces who served in Afghanistan or Iraq since September 11, 2001 and who are now enrolled in college or vocational-technical school.

ThanksUSA Scholarships – Academic Top Scholars (ATS) – Accessible to all dependent children, age 24 and under, and all spouses of Active-Duty U.S. military Service Members are eligible to apply for scholarships .

Tillman Military Scholarships – VeteransScholarships – To support educational opportunities for Veteran and active Service Members and their dependents (children and spouses). Intended to cover direct study-related expenses such as tuition, fees, and books, as well as other needs such as room and board and child care.

Undergraduate Scholarship Program – CIA – -If you are a high school senior planning to enroll in a 4-or 5-year college program, or you are a college freshman or sophomore enrolled in a 4-or 5-year college program, who is looking for career experience in a dynamic environment, apply to the CIA’s Undergraduate Scholar Program and contribute to the work of the nation before you graduate.

U.S. MARINE CORPS SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION - One year, renewable scholarships for the children of active duty and retired marines

VA Mortgage Center Scholarship – An ongoing scholarship offer for students with military affiliation, ROTC, and children of military members.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Scholarship Programs – The Veterans of Foreign Wars has several scholarship programs across the nation. Visit the site to learn more or contact your local VFW.

VFW Military Scholarships – The VFW’s Military Scholarship program provides 25 $3,000 scholarships annually to VFW members who are currently serving in uniform or have been discharged within the 36 months before the December 31 deadline.

VICE ADMIRAL E.P. TRAVERS LOAN PROGRAM - Can provide sponsors of eligible students with a loan ranging from $500 up to $3,000 (for an academic year). Provided to: Children of Active Duty Sailors and Marines (including Reservists while on active duty over 90 days), Children of Retired Sailors and Marines, Spouses of Active Duty Sailors and Marines residing within the 50 United States

Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation – – To provide college scholarships to dependent children and spouses of all US Navy – officer and enlisted – active duty, retired or deceased who served within Naval Air Forces. Recipients are selected on the basis of scholastic merit and community service.


Army ROTC Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements: The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) offers full scholarships to more than 1,000 participating schools. The ROTC's monthly stipends may also help offset the cost of education.

Amount: Varies

Visit Website

College Loan Repayment Program

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants entering the Army may qualify for this program, which helps repay up to 15% of education-related loans, including Stafford loans and Perkins loans. Only soldiers with a qualifying Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) can participate in the program. Applicants should contact their recruiter for a current list of qualifying MOSs.

Amount: Varies

Visit Website

Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Supporting current or former members of the Air and Space Forces, Reserves, or Air National Guard, this scholarship helps pay for flight training, undergraduate, or graduate education.

Amount: $1,000

Visit Website

Eligibility Requirements: The Navy League of the United States offers a variety of scholarship options for active-duty sea service men and women and to active members of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

Amount: Varies

Visit Website

AFBA NGAUS Active Life Member Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Active members of the National Guard Association of the United States may compete for this scholarship, which supports full-time students. Graduate, undergraduate, and post-graduate learners may all qualify.

Amount: $5,000

Visit Website

Coast Guard Foundation Enlisted Education Grants

Eligibility Requirements: Enlisted Coast Guard members can apply for this grant, which helps offset the cost of books, technology, and other education-related expenses. Sponsored by the Coast Guard Foundation, this grant may cover technical education costs and academic programs.

Amount: Varies

Visit Website

Scholarships Offered by Universities and Schools

Military members and veterans pursuing their education at a college, university, or bootcamp may qualify for institutional financial aid. In addition to military discounts and federal aid, many schools offer scholarship funds to help cover educational expenses. The opportunities below are just a few of the resources available.


Military Retraining Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Current service members looking to retrain in software development can access this scholarship through Coding Dojo, a cybersecurity and coding bootcamp. Applicants should discuss this opportunity's requirements with their admission representative.

Amount: $1,000

Visit Website

CTU Patriot Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Colorado Technical University offers a full scholarship to both online and on-campus students. Recipients must be active service members or honorably discharged veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Applicants need to hold a disability rating at or over 30%.

Amount: Full Tuition

Visit Website

Military Active-Duty and Reservist Commitment Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Arizona State University offers this scholarship to undergraduate students who are active members of the military or reserves. Applicants must study online and hold a GPA of 2.0 or better. Both Arizona residents and nonresidents may qualify.

Amount: Varies

Visit Website

Heroes Fund Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Service members and honorably discharged Gulf War veterans at Liberty University may qualify for this scholarship. Applicants need to have been awarded a Purple Heart or a 50-100 percent disability rating by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Recipients must be pursuing their first associate, bachelor's, master's, doctorate, or certificate.

Amount: Varies

Visit Website

Edward Nassar Veterans Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: The Southern New Hampshire University Alumni Association created this scholarship in memory of Edward Nassar, a veteran and student. The selection criteria includes both academic excellence and financial need. Applicants need at least a 2.8 GPA.

Amount: Varies

Visit Website

Alumni Association Scholarship for U.S. Military Veterans

Eligibility Requirements: Georgia State University students in good academic standing who are veterans may apply for this scholarship. Applicants must demonstrate both financial need and academic excellence

Amount: Varies

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The Colonel W. Patrick Naylor Military Endowed Scholarship Fund

Eligibility Requirements: Graduate or undergraduate students at the University of South Carolina who are wounded warriors, veterans, or spouses or widow(er)s of qualifying veterans may apply. Applicants must be in good academic standing. Preference goes to Air Force personnel.

Amount: Varies

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Scholarships Offered by Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations support veterans and members of the military in a variety of ways, including paying for higher education. Some organizations also seek to serve nontraditional students, which may include veterans. The list below represents a small sample of available scholarships.


The Pat Tillman Foundation

Eligibility Requirements: Veteran and active-duty military service members, including members of the National Guard, along with current or surviving spouses may apply. Applicants must complete the FAFSA and provide proof of military service. The foundation supports both graduate and undergraduate students.

Amount: Varies

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AMVETS National Service Foundation

Eligibility Requirements: A Congressionally chartered veterans service organization, AMVETS offers a variety of scholarships, including one for current or active members of the military. Applicants must attend a four-year college or university and demonstrate financial need.

Amount: Varies

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Boundless Opportunity Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Created to support nontraditional students at 2-4 year colleges, these scholarships can help veterans entering or returning to college. Applicants must be legal residents of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, or Wyoming.

Amount: Varies

Visit Website

The Graydon and Myrth Fox Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Veterans who served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces and who demonstrate financial need may apply for this resource. The scholarship accepts applications from students pursuing a degree at an accredited college, university, or trade school.

Amount: $1,000-$5,000

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Paralyzed Veterans of America Scholarship Program

Eligibility Requirements: Members of the Paralyzed Veterans of America and their spouses may apply for this scholarship. Applicants must also be pursuing a degree either full or part time at an accredited university or college in the U.S.

Amount: $1,000-$2,500

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Scholarships Offered by For-Profit Organizations

Many companies show their support for America's soldiers by offering scholarships. Typically, recipients do not have to work for these institutions to receive funding. The list below provides a glimpse into the options available.


Help A Hero Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: SportsClips Haircuts raises money throughout the year to provide veterans and service members with support for higher education. Applicants can come from any branch of the service and may study one of several approved fields, including computer science.

Amount: Varies

Visit Website

Bonsai Finance Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Bonsai Finance offers this scholarship to both veterans and active members of the U.S. military. Recipients must plan to pursue an undergraduate degree or a program at a technical institution. Applicants must not already hold a bachelor's degree.

Amount: $1,000

Visit Website

Google SVA Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Student Veterans of America collaborates with Google to provide this scholarship. Applicants must pursue a degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical field. They must also maintain a strong academic performance and be enrolled full time.

Amount: $10,000

Visit Website


Education and Scholarship Resources Army Emergency Relief: 

Military Dependent Children and Spouses 

Army Emergency Relief provides scholarships for dependent children and spouses of active duty and retired Soldiers. 

The Post-9/11 GI Bill allows eligible Service Members to transfer all or some unused benefits to their spouse or dependent children. The request to transfer unused GI Bill benefits to eligible dependents must be completed while serving as an active member of the Armed Forces. Once DOD approves benefits for transfer, the new beneficiaries apply for them at the VA. 

The Yellow Ribbon Program allows US degree granting institutions to enter into an agreement with the VA to fund tuition expenses that exceed either the annual maximum cap for private institutions or the resident tuition and fees for a public institution. The institution can contribute up to 50% of expenses and VA will match the same amount. 

The Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance (DEA) program offers education and training opportunities to eligible dependents of Veterans who are permanently and totally disabled due to a service- related condition or of Veterans who died while on active duty or as a result of a service-related condition. 

The Fry Scholarship provides benefits to the children and surviving spouses of an active duty member of the Armed Forces who died in the line of duty on or after 9/11. They may receive up to 36 months of benefits at the 100% level. Benefits include full tuition and fees, a monthly housing allowance, books, and supplies. 

The Army Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships for undergraduate education for dependent children and spouses of U.S. Army Active Duty Soldiers and veterans who received an honorable discharge or were medically discharged. 

The Association of the United States Army and its chapters award scholarships to active AUSA member (membership starts at $10 per year) students who enroll in a college-level institution. 

AMVETS annually awards scholarships to veterans/active military, their sons, daughters, or grandchildren. A son, daughter or grandchild of a deceased veteran is also eligible. Awarded based on academic excellence and financial need, the scholarships go to deserving high school seniors, high school JROTC students and veterans pursuing a higher education. 

The Veterans of Foreign Wars’ Voice of Democracy program is open to all 9-12 grade students, and awards one national first-place winner a $30,000 scholarship to a U.S. university, college, or vocational/technical school. 

National scholarships range from $1,000-$16,000, and a first-place winner from each state VFW wins an all- expenses paid trip to Washington, DC. 

The American Legion has an extensive scholarship program including a legacy scholarship for dependent children of Service Members who died while serving on active duty post-9/11, as well as scholarships for Eagle Scouts and participants in the Boys State and Girls State Programs. 

The Military Officers Association of America provides interest-free loans, scholarships, and grants to children of active duty or retired military personnel, for up to 5 years of undergraduate education at an accredited 2 or 4- year college or university. 

The Scholarships for Military Children program awards one $2,000 scholarship each school year at every commissary location operated by the Defense Commissary Agency worldwide. It is a scholarship program of Fisher House Foundation. 

The "Heroes' Legacy Scholarships" program honors soldiers who have fallen in battle, those who have died or have become disabled through their active military service since September 11, 2001. It is open to soldiers’ dependent unmarried children under age 23. It is a scholarship program of Fisher House Foundation. Scholarship America is a database of searchable scholarships. 

The Military Family Support Trust is available to active duty or retired officers’ children who are high school 

seniors. Scholarships from $2,000 to $12,000 are available. 

The Folds of Honor provides scholarships to spouses and dependents of active duty soldiers killed or disabled in the line of duty. Awards are for a first bachelor’s degree (no graduate programs) and are up to $5,000 per year. 

Provides scholarships for post-secondary students who have lost a parent serving in Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps special operations. 

Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for dependent children of active duty Service Members who are either killed or permanently disabled (100% VA rating) as the result of an operational mission or training incident, or who are currently certified as MIA or POW. 

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation helps secure college scholarships for military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. (IHOP) 

Scholarships are given to children of post 9/11 killed in action or wounded service members pursuing a bachelors or associates degree from an accredited institution or certificate trade school. 

Paralyzed Veterans of America offers scholarships to members, spouses, or children under 24 years. The program provides a $1,000 scholarship to each qualified applicant enrolled at an accredited US college or university. 

AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) Educational Foundation has scholarships, grants and tuition assistance for full time undergraduate and graduate students attending four-year US colleges or universities. 

Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund provides scholarships to children, stepchildren, and legal dependents of full- or part-time permanent federal civilian or postal workers employed with the federal government for more than three years, as well as the employees themselves and their spouses. is a college scholarship search engine and financial aid information resource. 

Best Colleges list of top accredited online colleges and universities. 

The College Board administers many of the standardized tests such as the SAT and PSAT for college students. This site includes links to practice tests and other helpful resources such as CLEP. 

For college-bound spouses and children, The Folded Flag Foundation provides scholarships and educational grants to cover tuition, fees, books, computers, living expenses (to include childcare for students with young children), tutoring, test prep services, and career prep expenses. 

The National Military Family Association awards military spouse scholarships that can be used for vocational training, professional certification, undergraduate and graduate school. You must be the spouse of a member of the seven uniformed services with a valid military ID to be eligible. 

Sponsored by the Pat Tillman Foundation, the Tillman Military Scholars program awards scholarships to Veteran and Active-duty military service members (pre- and post-9/11) service and their spouses pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree. 

Created for the spouses of post-9/11 military personnel who have been disabled in service to their country. Scholarships are available for continued education at a reputable, accredited university, college, or trade school. 

Operation Second Chance’s scholarship program seeks to further its support for wounded or ill service members or veterans by providing grants of $2,500 or more to dependent children and spouses of qualifying military sponsors. Sponsors are defined by having a VA rating of at least 70% or died in service. 

ThanksUSA offers college, technical and vocational school needs-based scholarships of up to $3,000 for the children and spouses of active duty US military personnel. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited college 

The Purple Heart Scholarship is available to members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, their spouses, children, and grandchildren. You must be enrolled full time at an accredited college, university, or trade school. 

The Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships and interest-free loans annually to members of AAAA and their spouses, unmarried siblings, unmarried children, and unmarried grandchildren of current and deceased members. Some scholarships are specifically reserved for enlisted, warrant officer, company grade, and Department of the Army Civilian members of AAAA. 

American Military University provides online courses with undergraduate and graduate tuition grants for active- duty service members and their spouses/dependents, Guard, Reserve, and veterans. Military spouses are also eligible for scholarships up to $4,000 for qualified programs. 


Other Scholarships, Financial Aid and Career Resources 

Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) form for college students to complete to determine their eligibility for student financial aid. 

President and Mrs. Obama and Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO, have come together to launch The Voyager Scholarship for Public Service. This scholarship provides up to $25,000 per year for the student’s junior and senior year of college. 

The College Affordability Guide’s provides advice on the options students have to reduce the cost of their degree and offers an analysis of which colleges are doing the most to make high-quality education affordable. 

U.S. Department of Education’s main website for financial aid information. 

The U.S. Department of Education College Financing Plan is a consumer tool that participating institutions use to notify students about their financial aid package. It is designed to simplify cost and financial aid information making it easy to compare school packages. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes The Occupational Outlook Handbook, an online source of information on careers and future job needs. It features duties, pay, education and training for hundreds of occupations. 


Military Service Members 

The GI Bill helps Veterans and their family members get money to cover all or some of the costs for college, graduate school, and training programs. Tuition assistance is based on your time served. 

The MSG Arthur Enriquez Scholarship provides a scholarship for Veterans and/or their immediate family members who currently have or have beaten cancer. 

The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) is responsible for managing education programs to help military members achieve their education and career goals. The program allows military members to take exams and prove that they have completed courses. 

Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC) was designed by the Department of Defense to accommodate the constantly moving military member. Courses from more than 1,700 schools and the credits earned can be transferred to any other university at or near military installations in the US and overseas. 

The Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship Program provides scholarships to women soldiers and their family members pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree from accredited institutions. 

AMVETS annually awards scholarships to veterans/active military, their sons, daughters, or grandchildren. Awarded on the basis of academic excellence and financial need, the scholarships go to deserving high school seniors, high school JROTC students and veterans pursuing a higher education. 

The Veterans of Foreign Wars “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” provides service members and veterans with scholarships. You must be retired, honorably discharged, active duty, or a member of the National Guard or Reserve. 

Sponsored by the Pat Tillman Foundation, the Tillman Military Scholars program awards scholarships to Veteran and Active-duty military service members (pre- and post-9/11) service and their spouses pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree. 

The Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships and interest-free loans annually to members of AAAA and their spouses, children, and grandchildren of current and deceased members. 

Student Veterans of America and Raytheon have partnered to provides Raytheon Patriot scholarships to US Army veterans enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs at a four year US college. 

Arizona State University Online Scholarship is awarded to active duty and reservist military students seeking an undergraduate degree. It is available to both Arizona and non-Arizona residents. 

The American Council on Education collaborates with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to review military training and experiences and recommend appropriate college credit for members of the Armed Forces. ACE’s credit recommendations appear in the Military Guide. Guide-Online.aspx 

AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) Educational Foundation has scholarships, grants and tuition assistance for full time undergraduate and graduate students attending four-year US colleges or universities. Their War Veteran Scholarships are available for US military veterans (including Reservists and National Guard Personnel. 

Prior-learning assessments (PLAs) award college credit, certification or advanced standing for a student’s non- academic experiences and training. Thousands of US colleges recognize and grant credit for PLAs. 


Air Force, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard 

The Air Force Aid Society helps dependent children and spouses of active duty and retired Airmen work towards a college degree with education grants, scholarships, and loans. 

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provide scholarships to the children of Navy and Marine Corps personnel who died while serving on active duty or after retirement. Spouses of a service member who died as a result of the USS Stark or Pentagon attack or during service in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation New Dawn are eligible. 

The Navy Supply Corps Foundation gives scholarships to dependents, grandchildren, and spouses of active, reserve, or retired officers studying at accredited two or four-year schools. Spouses must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 undergraduate hours per semester. 

The Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) offers scholarships to children of service members in the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Recipients must be full-time students enrolled at an accredited college or university in the United States. 

The Tailhook Educational Foundation awards scholarships to the children and grandchildren of navy aviators, aircrewman, and aircraft carrier personnel. 

The Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation offers college scholarships to dependent children and spouses 

of military members from the US Navy’s aviation community. 

The Anchor Scholarship is available to dependents of Navy service members who have served a minimum of six years in a unit under the administrative control of Commander, Naval Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic or Pacific Fleet. You must attend, or plan to attend an accredited four-year college or university and intend to work toward a BS or BA degree to be eligible for this award. 

The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation has scholarships for active duty, reserve, or veteran U.S. Marines. Their Heroes Tribute Scholarship offers awards to children of Marines or former Marines who were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or have died in combat since 9/11. The foundation also offers scholarships to grandchildren of certain veterans. 

The Coast Guard Foundation offers scholarships to the children and spouses of enlisted and reservist Coast Guard personnel. 

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance organization offers Education Loan and Grant Programs to all active duty or retired Coast Guard personnel and eligible family members. They reimburse documented educational costs or provide interest free loans. 


  • Pat Tillman Foundation Scholars (here)
  • Wells Fargo’s Veterans Scholarship (here)
  • Wells Fargo’s Veterans Emergency Grant Program (here)
  • Thanks USA Scholarship (here)
  • Scholarship for members of Army Aviation Association of America (here)
  • The American Legion Auxiliary Non-Traditional Student Scholarship (here)
  • AMVETS Scholarship (here)
  • Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association Scholarship (for STEM studies) (here)
  • List of scholarships at Student Veterans of America (here)
  • List of scholarships at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (here)
  • List of scholarships at U.S. Department of Education (here)
  • Scholarships for military children (here and here)
  • Scholarships for military spouses (here and here)
  • Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship (here)
  • Bonsai Finance Veterans Scholarship (here)
  • Council of College and Military Educators (here)
  • Marine Corps League Scholarship (here)
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship (here)
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America Scholarship (here)
  • Pro Vets Memorial Scholarship (here)
  • Ranger Memorial Foundation Scholarship (here)
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Sports Clips Help A Hero Scholarship (here)
  • Veterans United Foundation Scholarship (here)
  • Wisconsin GI Bill (here)
  • Women’s Overseas Service League (here)
  • College Promise Catalogue of Local & State Scholarship Programs (here)
  • Wells Fargo Scholarship Program for People with Disabilities (here)
  • Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship Program (here)
  • Wells Fargo Veterans Emergency Grant Program (here)
  • Raytheon Technologies SPY-6 Scholarship (here)

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