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We are so happy to have the opportunity to work with you. We are committed to providing each incoming military-connected student with an individualized review of the resources available to them. We'll be here to answer your questions about benefits and all things Cal Poly, along the way. 


  1. Make sure that you stay informed by signing up for our newsletter here.

  2. Follow us on social media @calpolyveterans and @cpsvdc. 

  3. Click the tabs above to visit the informational pages about any benefits you expect to use. Each page has informational videos to explain the basics. 

  4. Click here to schedule a virtual appointment with Kari Leslie, the CMCS Lead Coordinator to go through a tailored benefits review, an in-depth discussion about your needs as a student, and an introduction to our resources. This allows us to establish collaborative plans that are personalized to your needs while also working with other campus resources. Students and other interested parties are invited to attend this meeting held in the CMCS Virtual Center. You can access it here

  5. Eligible for a VA benefit? Apply at once you have accepted your offer of admission to Cal Poly. Once approved, they will send you a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) in the mail. 

  6. Eligible for the Cal Vet College Fee Waiver? Gather the required documents and apply at your county Veteran Service Office. Gathering the required tax documents for a student who has not filed taxes themselves can sometimes take a while. Plan accordingly. Contact the California Franchise Tax Board to request documents in late May/early June. Apply for your waiver in June after you have accepted your offer of admission from Cal Poly. 

  7. Veterans/active duty/reservists -  turn in your DD 214 or a copy of your military ID for Priority Registration here after July 1st

  8. New students will turn in ALL benefit paperwork after their conditional status is dropped. This happens for Fall admits in July.

  • Students with a VA Certificate of Eligibility will upload the COE into their student portal in the Veterans Benefit tab. This is the only document that gets uploaded here. VA Chapter 35 Dependents Educational Assistance recipients - looking for your VA file number? More info can be found here.

  • Students with a Cal Vet College Fee Waiver (CVCFW) will upload their approved waiver code through the secure form here with their EMPL ID number (found under the Personal Information tab in the Student Portal) and social security number. 

Proof of eligibility for benefits that pay for state tuition or campus-based fee costs should be submitted to Cal Poly in the correct venue between July 1 and August 15. Submissions after that date could require students to pay their balance and request a refund after the benefit is applied. 
Students using VA benefits (not the Cal Vet College Fee Waiver) must request certification of their classes in the Veterans Benefit tab of their student portal immediately after registering for classes every quarter. This step is required to notify both Student Accounts and the VA that benefits will be utilized for that quarter. Delaying this step will result in a delay in payments/credits. 
  • Incoming first-year students will complete their first VA certification request in their student portal immediately after they are block scheduled for classes. Complete the form and then come back and update if you make any changes to your schedule. 
  • Incoming transfer students will complete their first VA certification request in their student portal immediately after they register for classes (following SLO Days). Complete the form and then come back and update if you make any changes to your schedule.
  • Incoming students will have access to the Veterans Benefit Module in your Student Portal on or after July 1st. You will be able to upload a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility, but will not be able to request certification for your Fall Quarter classes until after you are registered. 


Find an explanation of when to pay and what to pay, here or check out the list of dates below. 

All students will book a move-in appointment for a particular date and time. You will be able to book a move-in arrival date and time in your Housing Portal under Mustang Move-in when the reservation system opens in August.

Mustang Move-in Dates


Cal Poly Distribution Services is offering a Ship to Room service for those who would like to ship items directly to themselves/their student. Shipped items will be placed in the student's room prior to move-in day. Items must be shipped via an approved shipper such as USPS, FedEx or UPS. Items must be received at least five days prior to move-in. The deadline to sign up for this service is Wednesday, Aug. 31.


Cal Poly and the Chancellor’s Office require that all incoming students (first-year, transfer, and graduate students) must satisfy the immunization requirements and complete the Tuberculosis risk assessment as per the Executive Order 803.  Students are asked to submit immunization information and documents via the Health and Counseling Portal prior to the first day of class to avoid any possible future registration holds.  Exemptions for these required immunizations are only provided on a medical need basis.  

COVID-19 Vaccine Records  

Students can upload their vaccine record on the COVID-19 Info tab of the Cal Poly Portal or the COVID-19 Vaccination Status Declaration.  Incoming students for the 2022-23 academic year can upload their vaccination and booster record starting in mid-July and August.  

Mandatory Online Student Training 

All Cal Poly students are required to complete online sexual violence prevention training programs every academic year. First-time and transfer students must complete the following trainings: 

  • Sexual Violence Prevention for Students 

  • Sexual Harassment and Stalking 

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs 

  • Personal Skills for a Diverse Campus 

Career Services 

Career Services is here to support students’ career exploration and planning throughout their entire time at Cal Poly. We help students discover career possibilities; understand their values, interests, personality, and strengths; learn how to apply to jobs and graduate schools; and develop career readiness skills such as networking, interviewing, and resume writing.   We offer educational workshops, career counseling appointments, drop-in hours, as well as plentiful opportunities to connect with employers through career fairs, on-campus interviews, networking sessions, and more.  Career Services also maintains an extensive website with on-demand career resources, career tools, and more. We have a team of three Freshman Focus Team career counselors who specifically support first-year students. We offer virtual drop-in hours Mondays-Thursdays where students can get help without an appointment, and we offer scheduled appointments that can be booked through MustangJOBS. 

First-year Resident Parking

Cal Poly first-year resident students are prohibited from bringing vehicles to campus for the entire duration of their first year (fall through spring quarters). There are a couple of reasons that students would receive an exception automatically, such as for active military status and an approved accommodation for personal medical needs. Students that require support for temporary disabilities (injuries) or continuing disabilities/challenges must register with the Cal Poly Disability Resource Center (DRC) to be considered for a parking exception. Students in this category do not need to submit an exception application with Transportation and Parking Services. 

Change of Major

Incoming freshmen and transfers must finish one academic quarter BEFORE starting the change of major process. When your first quarter is completed, you can submit an Eligibility Inquiry Form to your proposed major department. Students should attend a Change of Major workshop to learn more about this process. For additional information on Change of Major workshops, visit Academic Advising’s Change of Major page at

Financial Aid

Financial Aid typically disburses one week before classes begin. VA Educational benefits and the Cal Vet College Fee Waiver are not considered financial aid. 

Block Scheduling

First-time freshmen will be enrolled in 12-18 units decided by your Major Department and the Office of the Registrar. This will make you a full-time student. To find your block schedule once it is finalized, log into your Cal Poly portal and click Student Center. Once you are in your Student Center, click on My Class Schedule. 

Cal Poly Now 

  • Cal Poly Now, powered by Engage, is the primary event marketing and management platform for Cal Poly Student Affairs. 

  • First-year and transfer students can find their community by checking out Student Affairs engagement events on Cal Poly Now. Learn more about organizations within Student Affairs, easily search for and register to attend campus events, and start building your social circle by visiting Cal Poly Now at 

  • Cal Poly Now has everything you need to learn more and join a student club or organization, or you can use the platform to help you in managing and building your own! We offer tools that help you manage your rosters more efficiently, promote events, track participation in your events, and keep your organization chartered and registered with the university through document-sharing tools and other features. 

Out-of-state students who are using GI Bill benefits, Ch 35 DEA or are eligible for VACA or other exemptions should email a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility/supplementary documentation to Kari Leslie once you have your California address (ex: dorm address) and have changed it in your Cal Poly portal. 

Beginning in 2022/23 the college-based fee (CBF) will increase yearly. These increased fees will only be assessed on newly enrolled students who begin Fall 2022 or after. Subsequent fee increases would be made on a cohort basis. All currently matriculated students would continue to pay current college-based fee rates. Click below to see more information on the cost of attendance. 

Cal Poly doesn't send out invoices or billing statements for any kind of fees. Any charges will post in the Student Center or Money Matters area of your student's portal, and it's up to you and your student to keep track of when charges are due and to pay them on time. Nonpayment can result in registration holds, dropped classes, late fees, and more.

So how will you know when it's time to pay something?

First, your student will see current and upcoming charges in their portal (Student Center or Money Matters).

Next, you can keep track of due dates by using a couple of websites.

The first website, found by Googling "Cal Poly When to Pay" is the Student Accounts website. It has a handy chart showing when quarterly registration fees (including tuition) will show up in your student's portal. Here is a link to make payments. 

Fees Viewable

First Years: 8/7/23 (tentative)
All Others: 7/5/2023

Fee Past Due Date (if not financial aid deferred) 8/22/2023
Class Cancellation (financial aid deferred accounts exempt) 8/29/2023
1st Financial Aid Disbursement


Financial Aid Deferred Fees Past Due


1st Direct Deposit Refund for Excess Financial Aid


1st Day of Class


Add/Drop Period Ends


Next, Housing fees can be found by Googling "Cal Poly Housing Fees" and scrolling down to the chart of fees and due dates, depending on whether you plan to pay housing charges as a lump sum, quarterly, or monthly.

 Last, Dining fees will show up in the student portal under the Money Matters tab.

To keep track of charges, a lot of families have what they call Money Matters Mondays, which means a weekly discussion about current and upcoming account charges.

 If you'll be involved in helping make payment as a parent, it may be useful to have your student set up a parent cashnet account for you. The parent cashnet account needs to be initiated by the student through their portal. Here is a link to make payments and set up a parent portal account. 

Students can also create a "Share My Info" report to help provide more detail to parents or others as needed. 

Student Account guides can be found here:


Choose to make one annual payment, three quarterly payments or nine monthly payments with the first payment due Sept. 1, 2022, and the last one due May 1, 2023. Initial payment deposits will be applied when fall charges are placed.




First-Year Basic

First-Year Plus

First-Year Club

Total Fall Charges

2,039 2,195 2,390
Installment Due Dates
9/1/22 813 865 930
9/1/22 (If $1,000 deposit was made) - - -
10/1/22 613 665 730
10/1/22 (If $1,000 deposit was made) 426 530 660
11/1/22 613 665 730
11/1/22 (If $1,000 deposit was made) 613 665 730

Total Winter Charges

1,839 1,995 2,190
Installment Due Dates
12/1/22 613 665 730
1/1/23 613 665 730
2/1/23 613 665 730

Total Spring Charges

1,839 1,995 2,190
Installment Due Dates
3/1/23 613 665 730
4/1/23 613 665 730
5/1/23 613 665 730

Total Academic Year

5,717 6,185 6,770

2022-23 Annual Housing Fees

All fees are proposed and subject to change and Executive Order and Board of Trustees Approval.

First-year students are assigned to residence halls. Should some first-years be assigned to campus apartments, apartment rates will apply. Fees may also be adjusted for different occupancy/room configurations or shorter stays due to public health conditions.











$10,356 $9,654 $11,394 $13,395 $11,946
INITIAL HOUSING PAYMENT -$500 -$500 -$500 -$500 -$500
ACADEMIC YEAR BALANCE $9,856 $9,154 $10,894 $12,895 $11,446

Quarterly and Monthly View






$3,645 $3,399 $4,011 $4,716 $4,206
9/1/2022 $1,215 $1,133 $1,337 $1,572 $1,402
(9/1 AMOUNT IF $500 INITIAL PYMT MADE) $715 $633 $837 $1,072 $902
10/1/2022 $1,215 $1,133 $1,337 $1,572 $1,402
11/1/2022 $1,215 $1,133 $1,337 $1,572 $1,402
TOTAL WINTER CHARGES $3,396 $3,165 $3,738 $4,392 $3,918
12/1/2022 $1,132 $1,055 $1,246 $1,464 $1,306
1/1/2023 $1,132 $1,055 $1,246 $1,464 $1,306
2/1/2023 $1,132 $1,055 $1,246 $1,464 $1,306
TOTAL SPRING CHARGES $3,315 $3,090 $3,645 $4,287 $3,822
3/1/2023 $1,105 $1,030 $1,215 $1,429 $1,274
4/1/2023 $1,105 $1,030 $1,215 $1,429 $1,274
5/1/2023 $1,105 $1,030 $1,215 $1,429 $1,274
TOTAL ACADEMIC YEAR $10,356 $9,654 $11,394 $13,395 $11,946

Winter Break Fees




DEC. 10, 2022 - JAN. 7, 2023



Housing is closed Dec. 10, 2022 - Jan. 7, 2023 for winter break. We have limited Winter Break housing for students who wish to stay during the break and you may be required to move to another space, just for the break. As most students depart, winter break is not included in the academic year contract and fees and a separate charge applies. Let us know if you plan to stay for the break when you sign up for Housing. 

Payment Steps

  1. Pay the $1,500 initial payment when you sign up for housing

    Since all first-years living on campus are required to purchase a dining plan, the initial payment is combined for housing and dining. Here's the breakdown:

    $500 (housing portion) + $1,000 (dining portion) = $1,500 (initial payment)

    Financial Aid identifies students who qualify for deferral of the initial payment based on 2022-23 FAFSA or CA Dream application data. The initial payment is automatically bypassed for these students. To be considered, you must have a 2022-23 Financial aid application on file.
  2. Pay the balance of housing fees 
    Annual housing fees are posted to your Student Account in August. 

    You have four options for paying the balance: Defer payment of Housing and Dining charges to be paid by financial aid (only if the your have accepted sufficient financial aid to pay for all Registration, Housing, and Dining fees) or pay entire annual balance, the quarterly balance or the first monthly installment.

    Quarterly housing charges will be split up into three monthly installment amounts with monthly due dates. Students may pay more than the minimum monthly installment amount. There are no penalties for paying off balances ahead of schedule. If a student prefers not to make monthly payments, they have the option to pay the full quarterly amount or even the annual amount.

    At minimum, the monthly installment amount must be made by the set due date (unless deferred by financial aid) to avoid any holds that may be placed on the account.

    All payments should be made using Cal Poly’s CASHNet payment portal or submitted (via mail or in-person) to the University Cashier’s Office. Payments received after 5 p.m. are posted the following business day.

    For any questions regarding charges and payments please visit the Student Accounts webpage or contact them at 805-756-1428.

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