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Dear Friends of Cal Poly's Center for Military-Connected Students,

Cal Poly is currently looking for donations to help fund our veteran services. Donations, no matter the size, can significantly improve the services that we provide and the experience of our military-affiliated students. 

Some of the things that we are currently fundraising for include:

  • Food/food supplies and meals for students using the CMCS. Food and housing insecurity is a notable need our military students face. The CMCS works to provides snacks, coffee, tea and meals to these students while also working with our local community resources to ensure that our military-affiliated students are provided for. 
  • Printing costs - one of the most-used services we offer in the CMCS is free printing to our military-affiliated students. 
  • Student travel to the Student Veterans of America conferences. This is an incredible opportunity to network, engage in workshops specific to the military student population and grow as a leader for our community. 
  • Scholarships

Our biggest future need, by far, is funding a larger space that would allow more students to access the CMCS and the resources we offer. On an average day, the CMCS sees many more students than we have space to accommodate. Our hope is to have a space that would allow our School Certifying Official to be in the CMCS to answer questions regarding VA benefits, a place where students could prepare and store meals to cut down on their costs, a social/community space and quite/study spaces. 

Thank you for considering supporting our veterans and military dependents. 

Send a check payable to "Cal Poly Center for Military-Connected Students" designating your gift to the CMCS to:

Debi Hill - C/O Center for Military-Connected Students
Building 52, Room E4
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0208


If you would like more information about the needs of this incredible community, please contact the CMCS Coordinator, Kari Leslie at (805) 756-7112. 



A huge thank you to all of the Veteran Success Center's Supporters

 QL Northrop Gruman
 Raytheon Edison
 Walmart  Edison

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