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Friends of Cal Poly's Center for Military-Connected Students,

Cal Poly is looking for donations to help fund our veteran services. Donations, no matter the size, can significantly improve the services that we are able to provide and the experience of our military-affiliated students. 

Some of the things that we are currently fundraising for include:

  • Space - the CMCS is housed in a small space (364 sq. feet) that doesn't adequately allow for the type of programming and support that we would like to provide to the 650+ military-connected students at Cal Poly. We are in search of funding for a new, larger space that would fulfill the needs of our growing population.
  • Basic Needs – Military education benefits and the cost of living in San Luis Obispo often leave a substantial gap for military-connected students. We are finding that more of our students are struggling to meet their most basic needs. Homelessness among our students is on the rise. The CMCS is working to bridge that gap through our food pantry, meal vouchers, and emergency grants. Support for this and other basic needs initiatives will ensure that our military-affiliated students are provided for. 
  • Printing costs - one of the most-used services we offer in the CMCS is free printing to our military-affiliated students. The cost for our printer and printing is approximately $50 monthly.
  • Technology updates – the center needs to update its student computer workstations to keep up with the demands of the highly technical education programs that are required of students to complete their work.
  • Scholarships

Thank you for considering supporting our veterans and military dependents. 

Donations can easily be made through the Cal Poly Gives website. The CMCS is found under Student Affairs.

Or, send a check payable to "Cal Poly Center for Military-Connected Students" designating your gift to the CMCS to:

Debi Hill - C/O Center for Military-Connected Students
Building 52, Room E4
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0208


If you would like more information about the needs of this incredible community, please contact the CMCS Coordinator, Kari Leslie at (805) 756-7112. 




A huge thank you to all of the Veteran Success Center's Supporters

  Northrop Gruman
 Raytheon Edison
 Walmart  Edison

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