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Every student who is newly activating any type of military educational benefit at Cal Poly should schedule an appointment with the CMCS Coordinator, Kari Leslie for a benefits overview. Schedule a virtual appointment hereWatch a presentation on how to use VA benefits at Cal Poly!

If the student is a dependent, parent and students are invited to join in the Zoom conference. It is our goal to support our veterans and their families by answering their questions, addressing their concerns, advocating and providing resources. 

Review the presentation from the Veteran's Benefit Module Workshop

What is Chapter 35 Claim or File Number?

A VA Claim number is related to the parent or spouse under whom they are eligible. 

A VA FILE NUMBER is the VA File number of the veteran. This is most often the veteran's Social Security Number. The VA File number will be on all award documents sent to the claimant. It is X'd out except for the last four digits and the suffix. 

SUFFIX#: The dependent’s file/claim is also identified with a suffix. It indicates your relationship to the qualifying individual. The suffix is either letter or 2-digit number (10 or W, 41 or A, 42 or B, 43 or C, etc.) at the end of the file/claim number.


VA Students - What Happens if I Repeat a Course?

When requesting your veteran benefits, please keep in mind we can now certify repeat courses only if:

  1. You received a grade with zero grade points the first attempt, i.e., grade of F, W, WU, or NC 
  2. A higher grade is required for degree completion

There was language that allowed repeats if within the school’s repeat “grade forgiveness” policy; however, that language has been removed. Please keep this in mind when requesting your veteran benefits unit certification.


Rounding Out: After consideration of those discussions and deliberations with OGC, VA determined that eligible GI Bill students can continue to round out in their last term, as long as the students are taking classes that are part of their program of education. The following example illustrates how this applies:

A student enrolled in a program to obtain a BA in Political Science must take two courses in governments (e.g., governments of Europe, Africa, South America, or Asia) as a graduation requirement. The university offers four courses that can meet the requirement. The student took two courses and therefore does not need a third or fourth for graduation. However, if the student wants to round out, VA will support the GI Bill student in taking a third or fourth course because the course is included in the student’s program of education, even though taking the additional course(s) is not a “graduation requirement.”


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