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Mission, Goals and Core Values

Vision: The Center for Military-Connected Students (CMCS) envisions a campus community where military-connected Mustangs thrive academically, socially, and professionally, empowered by comprehensive support and resources. We aspire to foster a culture of inclusivity, understanding, and respect for the unique experiences and contributions of military-connected individuals, enriching the fabric of Cal Poly's diverse community.


  • Build Meaningful Relationships: Foster a sense of belonging and community among military-connected Mustangs through peer support networks, mentorship programs, and collaborative partnerships with campus and community organizations.
  • Get Involved: Encourage active engagement in campus and community life through co-curricular activities, leadership development opportunities, and service initiatives tailored to the interests and needs of military-connected students.
  • Be Well: Promote holistic wellness by providing access to mental health resources, wellness workshops, and recreational activities that support the physical, emotional, and social well-being of military-connected individuals and their families.
  • Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity: Cultivate a campus environment that celebrates diversity, fosters equity, and promotes inclusivity by raising awareness of the unique backgrounds and perspectives within the military-connected community and advocating for equitable access to educational opportunities and support services.
  • Become Lifelong Learners: Empower military-connected Mustangs to pursue lifelong learning and professional development through academic advising, career counseling, and networking opportunities that prepare them for success in their chosen fields beyond graduation.

Core Values:

  • Integrity: Uphold the highest ethical standards and integrity in all interactions, decisions, and actions, ensuring transparency, honesty, and accountability.
  • Commitment: Demonstrate unwavering dedication to serving the diverse needs and interests of military-connected students, fostering a culture of trust, reliability, and responsiveness within the CMCS team and across the campus community.
  • Advocacy: Serve as tireless advocates for the rights, interests, and well-being of military-connected individuals, amplifying their voices, addressing their concerns, and advocating for policies and practices that promote equity, access, and inclusion.
  • Respect: Treat every individual with dignity, empathy, and respect, honoring their unique experiences, perspectives, and contributions to the campus community, and fostering a culture of mutual understanding, appreciation, and collaboration.
  • Excellence: Strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, continuously seeking opportunities for innovation, improvement, and impact, and maintaining a commitment to excellence in service delivery, program development, and community engagement.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Academic Success: Ensure military-connected students achieve academic success by providing tailored academic support services, such as tutoring, study skills workshops, and academic advising.
  • Career Readiness: Prepare military-connected students for successful transition into civilian careers by offering career exploration resources, job search assistance, resume workshops, and networking opportunities.
  • Leadership Development: Cultivate leadership skills and opportunities for military-connected students through leadership workshops, mentorship programs, and participation in student organizations and campus initiatives.
  • Cultural Competence: Foster cultural competence and awareness among staff and students by promoting understanding of military culture, experiences, and challenges, and facilitating dialogue and collaboration across diverse communities.
  • Financial Literacy: Equip military-connected students with the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions, manage educational benefits, navigate financial aid processes, and plan for their future financial stability.

Administrative/Business Outcomes:

  • Efficient Operations: Streamline administrative processes and procedures to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of CMCS operations, ensuring timely delivery of services and resources to military-connected students.
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensure staff members are subject matter experts on state and federal regulations surrounding military education benefits, and actively monitor and maintain compliance with all relevant laws, policies, and procedures to safeguard the rights and entitlements of military-connected students. This includes staying abreast of changes in legislation, providing ongoing training and professional development for staff, conducting regular audits and assessments of benefit processing practices, and collaborating with university stakeholders to address any compliance issues or concerns in a timely and effective manner.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Utilize data analytics and assessment tools to inform decision-making, measure program effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement in meeting the needs of military-connected students.
  • Resource Development: Secure funding and resources to sustain and expand CMCS programs and services, including grants, donations, partnerships, and fundraising initiatives.
  • Outreach and Engagement: Enhance outreach efforts to raise awareness of CMCS services and resources among military-connected students, faculty, staff, alumni, and external stakeholders, and foster meaningful engagement and collaboration.
  • Continuous Improvement: Foster a culture of continuous improvement within CMCS by soliciting feedback from stakeholders, conducting regular program evaluations, and implementing evidence-based practices to enhance the quality and impact of services provided to military-connected students.

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